Uganda and Rwanda – “The Best of Africa”

14 dni
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Cena zawiera

  • Accommodation in double rooms.
  • Transport throughout the trip.
  • Breakfasts.
  • Lunches on the way.
  • Care of a English guide along the entire route of the trip.
  • Care of local guides.
  • Entrance ticket to Murchison Falls National Park.
  • Entrance ticket to Kibale National Park.
  • Entrance ticket to Queen Elizabeth National Park.
  • Entrance ticket to Bwindi National Park.
  • Entrance ticket to Volcanoes National Park.
  • Local guide fee in Akagera National Park.
  • Boat cruise on the Akagera River.
  • Boat cruise on the Kazinga Canal.
  • Relaxing in the Kiwa Heritage hot springs.


Cena nie zawiera

  • The cost of international tickets.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Meals other than those listed in the program.
  • Customary tips and personal expenses.
  • Gorilla tracking permits.
  • Permits for tracking chimpanzees.
  • The cost of a boat cruise on Lake Kivu.

Uganda enchanted the young Winston Churchill, who described it as a “fairy tale” and “a wonderful new world”. No wonder, since it offers a close encounter with gorillas, delights with its mountain peaks shrouded in thick fog and a sun-drenched savannah full of wild animals. It is matched by Rwanda which is called “the land of a thousand hills”. It is famous for its pristine terrain, wild nature and excellent conditions for growing coffee.






Plan podróży



Flight to Entebbe to the largest airport in Uganda, both civil and military. The city was the seat of the government of the Uganda Protectorate before the country gained independence in 1962. Also here is the State House – the office and residence of the President of Uganda.



Arrive in Entebbe and transfer to Airport Link Guest House, where we will have lunch after the check-in. After rest, the first adventure awaits us, which will be a walk through the Entebbe botanical gardens. It is a famous home for various species of monkeys living here. We will see among others, white and black Columbus monkeys, the black-faced Vervet monkey, beautiful birds and many other species of arboreal animals. After a walk in the bosom of nature, we will take a drive to Lake Victoria – the largest lake in Africa. Of the lake’s 3,000 islands, 84 belong to Uganda. There will be an opportunity to drink local coffee or taste a special beer. Return to the hotel for dinner and an overnight stay.



Departure from Entebbe towards Masindi to one of the camps in Uganda. On the way, we will visit the Polish Refugee Cemetery in Nyabyeya, where there are 44 graves of Poles deported to Siberia after the outbreak of World War II. We will have an early lunch at your hotel in Masindi before heading to Murchison Falls National Park. The park was established in 1952 and occupies an area of ​​undulating and hilly plain stretching along the Victoria Nile. In the central part there are picturesque cascades, and one of them is the famous Murchison Falls which is 43 meters high. We will follow the trail leading to the top of the waterfall, from where we will observe the beautiful surroundings and the panorama of the Victoria Nile. Then a drive to Tilenga Lodge for an overnight stay.



After an early breakfast, we leave our hotel and, equipped with a packed lunch, we will go on a safari to see the African Big Five: lion, rhino, leopard, elephant and buffalo, as well as many other animals. Following the safari, we will head towards the city of Fort Portal where Rwenzori mountain range is located. Overnight stay at the Westend Hotel.



After breakfast we will take a drive to Kibale National Park, which includes evergreen tropical forests. Various species of monkeys can be found here. Our task will be to track down an endangered species of chimpanzee. With some luck, we will be able to see how this animal can create and use tools, and how much its emotional intelligence is developed. Back to Fort Portal for lunch, which we will eat at the garden restaurant, then drive to the town of Kasese. Overnight stay at the TJ Global hotel.



Early wake-up and breakfast. Then a drive to the village of Bugoye, where we will meet the local community specializing in small coffee cultivation. After the tour, return to Kasese for lunch, then we will visit a local school and orphanage. In the afternoon, we will take our swimsuits and head to Kiwa Heritage. These are hot springs known for their healing powers. We will swim and enjoy the natural beauty of this place. Back to the hotel for dinner.



After breakfast, at 6:00 AM, drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park. A morning safari awaits us, during which we have a chance to see lions, leopards, buffaloes, Ugandan horses, water goats and many other animals. After the safari we will drive to Tembo Lodge. Check-in, lunch and transfer to the port, from where we will go on a boat cruise on the Kazinga Canal. This wide, 32-kilometre natural channel connecting Lake Edward and Lake George is a dominant feature of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The canal attracts a variety of animals and birds. It is one of the world’s largest concentrations of hippos and numerous Nile crocodiles, elephants and buffaloes. After the cruise we will return to the hotel. Then we will enjoy an evening safari around the area and dinner. Return to Tembo Lodge for an overnight stay.



After breakfast we will drive to Bwindi National Park. This is one of the richest ecosystems in the world, where an unforgettable adventure awaits us. Under the supervision of specialized guides, in a small, intimate groups, we will follow the footsteps of gorillas. The number of mountain gorillas in the world is relatively small. There are just over 600 of them left in the world, about half of which have chosen Bwindi Park as their place of residence. No wonder that observing them is a unique and unforgettable event. Transfer to the Ruhondeza hut or Trekkers Terven for dinner and an overnight stay.



Waking up early.  After breakfast, an information meeting with a local guide who will introduce us to the secrets of the life of these amazing animals and safety rules. Let there be no doubt: it is about their safety, not ours! We will also learn about the work of guards, whose one of the tasks is to protect gorillas, which are threatened by poachers and kidnappings or being sent to illegal zoos. Equipped with a takeaway lunch, we will go to the greatest attraction of this trip – a meeting with mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. The opportunity to observe and photograph evokes emotions and is a genuine experience. After the trip we will take a drive to Lake Bunyonyi. Overnight stay at Bunyonyi Overland Camp.



After an early wake-up call and breakfast, we leave Uganda and head to Rwanda. Transfer to Musanze Kinigi Ruhengeri and a check-in at La Palme hotel. After a short rest after the journey, we will go for a walk around the area and then for dinner.



After breakfast, we will go to the Volcanoes National Park located on the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the north of Rwanda. It is a protected area of ​​130 km², which includes five of the eight volcanic cones of the Virunga mountain range. These include:  Bisoke, Karisimbi, Muhabura, Gahingai and Sabyinyo volcanoes. We will look for a very rare, protected species of “Gelden Monkey”, found only in four national parks in Central Africa. After this photographic hunt, we will take a drive to Gisenyi on Lake Kivu. Check-in and an overnight stay at the Paradis Malahide hotel.



Another early wake up call. After breakfast, transfer to the port, from where, equipped with lunch, we will go on a cruise on Lake Kivu. The lake lying on the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo is surrounded on all sides by lower and higher hills covered in many places with endemic vegetation characteristic of this region. It belongs to the so-called African Great Lakes, including Lake Victoria, Lake Albert and Lake Tanganyika. These bodies of water fill a system of deep tectonic faults called the Great African Rift Valley. After returning to the shore, we will take a drive to the largest city and at the same time the capital of Rwanda – Kigali. We will stop for lunch on the way. For those interested, on the same day, a tour of the city and the memorial site of the victims of genocide at the Nyamata Genocide Memorial. Overnight stay at Lebanon Hotel.



Early wake up call. After receiving breakfast and takeaway lunch, we will head over to Akagera National Park. Today we will have a morning safari where we will observe giraffes, zebras, lions, buffaloes, leopards, elephants and many other animals in their natural habitat. After the ride, we will have lunch at the hotel and then take a boat cruise on the Akagera River. After returning to the shore, transfer to the Akagera Transit Lodge Park located just outside the border for the night.



After breakfast, return to Kigali where we will explore the city. We will visit the Nyamata Genocide Memorial, a place of remembrance for the victims of genocide, commemorating the deaths of over 800,000 people. These included Rwandans, mostly Tutsi, killed in 1994. After lunch, transfer to Kanombe airport for your flight back home.

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