Tibet 2024/2025: an Expedition to the “Roof of the World”

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Plan podróży Warunki uczestnictwa i rezygnacji

Cena zawiera

  • Accommodation in high-standard tourists hotels in double rooms.
  • Transport throughout the trip.
  • Beijing-Lhasa train ticket.
  • Transfer from/to the airport.
  • English-speaking guide along the entire trip.
  • The care of local guides.
  • Permission to enter Tibet.
  • 2 bottles of drinking water per day.
  • Oxygen for use if necessary.
  • Breakfast in Beijing, Lhasa and Shigatse.
  • Dinner in Beijing.
  • “Hot pot experience”
  • Lunch in Lhasa.

Cena nie zawiera

  • The cost of international airline tickets.
  • Customary tips and personal expenses.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Meals not included in the program.
  • Visa fees.

Tibet is a vast and mysterious land famous for its intriguing religious ceremonies, friendly people and amazing culture. A trip to Tibet is certainly demanding and will not be a blissful rest, but for enthusiasts of tourism it may turn out to be the most beautiful experience in life.

Plan podróży


Flight to Bejing

We will start our adventure with passport and baggage check-in and a flight to the capital of China – Beijing.

The city of over twenty million is known for its modern architecture, high skyscrapers as well as numerous monuments.



After landing we will transfer to the hotel. Free time to rest or explore the city on your own. Overnight stay.



The Great Wall of China

After breakfast we will set out to explore the Great Wall of China. In 1987, the Great Wall was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and in 2007 it was declared one of the seven new wonders of the world.

We will have the opportunity to walk around the less crowded parts of the wall in Mutianyu.


Train to Lhasa

After breakfast, we will go for a walk around Beijing. Then we will head over to the train station and travel to Lhasa.


Travelling for a day

We will spend this day on the train. Traveling from Beijing to Lhasa is a popular option as it allows you to enjoy a scenic route through the vast landscapes of China.


Acclimatization in Lhasa

Upon arrival in Lhasa, we will transfer to the hotel. We will have some time to rest after a long journey. This day will help us acclimate to the heights of Tibet.


Tibetan Culinary Workshops

After breakfast, we will set off on our way to get acquainted with the Tibetan culture. We will learn the process of creating traditional Tibetan handicrafts. We will also learn how to prepare simple traditional Tibetan meals.

We will prepare for example the Tsampa (roasted barley) with butter and cheese. The inhabitants of Lhasa will show us traditional costumes, calligraphy methods and the secrets of block printing. They will tell you how incense is made, which, according to beliefs, purifies from negative emotions.

Next we will go to the “Holy Sera Monastery” where almost every day from 15:00 to 17:30 there are debates of monks in the courtyard. Debates are canceled for some special events at the monastery.

After visiting the monastery, we will return to Lhasa, where we will be able to walk freely through the streets, absorbing the atmosphere of the city.

Overnight stay at the hotel in Lhasa.


The Potala Palace

Today we will visit the The Potala Palace which was built in the year 641 and is the most popular tourist attraction in Tibet. Halls, murals, statues and mountain views will make the experience unforgettable.

Then we will see the Jokhang Temple, which is the destination of many pilgrims. In the monastery there is a statue of 12-year-old Sakyamuni – the founder of Buddhism.

Near the monastery is Barkhor Street, which in ancient times was a place where Buddhists performed religious rituals. Today, tourists can buy souvenirs here, such as handicrafts, tea, prayer wheels and Tibetan incense.

Overnight stay at the hotel in Lhasa.



Yamdrok Holy Lake

After breakfast, we will go to the Kampala Pass (4797 m above sea level). From here we will be able to admire the view of Yamdrok Lake and picturesque landscapes, including the sacred Nyenchen Khangsar Mountain. The turquoise waters of Yamdrok Lake and the Nyenchen Khangsar Glacier encourage taking pictures. Yamdrok is one of the three sacred lakes of Tibet.

Overnight stay in Shigatse.


Mt. Everest

After breakfast, we will set off towards the highest peak in the world – Mount Everest. During the journey from Shigatse, we will see one of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in the world – unusually blue sky, high clouds, endless meadows and the highest mountain peaks in the world.

On the way we will also stop at the Rongbuk Monastery. It is the highest situated monastery in the world.

We will spend the night at Everest Base Camp. Food and accommodation today are very modest. Due to the excessive altitude, it is possible to experience symptoms of altitude sickness. We recommend staying hydrated, relaxing and enjoying beautiful scenery to minimize the symptoms.


Gyatso La Pass

Early in the morning we set out to cross the Gyatso La Pass, also known as the Dingri border, at an altitude of 5,248 m above sea level.


Tashilumpo Monastery

Today we will visit Tashilumpo Monastery, which is home to the second highest incarnation of Tibet – the Panchen Lama. His current identity is the subject of a worrying dispute between the Chinese government and the Atibetan government-in-exile. The monastery complex impresses with the enormity of chapels, temples and halls connected by alleys and steep stairs. In the center of the monastery is a courtyard that was used as a stage for religious dances.

In the main hall of Tashilumpo Monastery, we can hear monks chanting mystical chants. We will visit this dark and atmospheric chamber with many side altars, as well as the characteristic red building called Jamkhang Chenmo, which houses a giant statue of Maitreya – the future Buddha. The statue was built in 1914 by the ninth Panchen Lama.

Overnight stay in Lhasa.



Today ends our mystical journey through Tibet in the shadow of the highest mountain in the world. In the morning we will have free time to rest before the journey or do the last shopping. Then, together with the guide, we will go to the airport, from where we will start our journey back home.

We invite you to explore other corners of the world. Join us for other trips such as Himalayas or China.

Tibet 2024: an Expedition to the “Roof of the World”

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