Natural Wonders of Chile and Bolivia 2024/2025

Welcome to an extraordinary journey through the natural wonders of Chile and Bolivia in 2024! Prepare to be captivated by the unparalleled beauty of these South American gems, where diverse landscapes, rich cultures, and awe-inspiring vistas await your exploration.

From the arid deserts of Atacama to the otherworldly landscapes of the Uyuni Salt Flats, this adventure promises an immersive experience in some of the most unique and breathtaking destinations. Join us as we traverse the vast landscapes, discover vibrant cultures, and witness the wonders that make Chile and Bolivia truly exceptional.

Get ready for an unforgettable exploration of nature’s marvels, ancient traditions, and the enchanting allure of two nations intertwined with captivating stories. This journey is designed to leave you with memories that linger long after the adventure concludes.




If you are a running enthusiast and dream of marathons in different parts of the world, this is the offer for you!

We invite you to a new adventure – the Patagonian International Marathon! Organized for 12 years in the Chilean Torres del Paine National Park, it is the dream of many runners and athletes. And we’re not surprised at all.

The route of the run offers breathtaking landscapes with the best views of the iconic peaks of Chilean Patagonia: Cerro Paine, Cuernos del Paine or the famous granite LAS TORRES (towers).

From the very beginning, the event has been extremely popular, gathering runners from over 65 countries who meet in the extreme south of unspoiled Patagonia to participate in one of the most spectacular marathons in the world. There are 3 distances to choose from: 10 K, 21 K and 42 K, and practically everyone can sign up!

Welcome, adventure awaits!

Welcome to “Patagonia 2024: Journey to the End of the World,” an expedition that promises to take you on an extraordinary odyssey through the pristine wilderness of Chile and Argentina’s southernmost realms. Patagonia, renowned for its rugged beauty, dramatic landscapes, and untamed wilderness, beckons the intrepid traveler to explore its remote and captivating corners.

Our program invites you to embark on a transformative adventure, where towering peaks, immense glaciers, pristine lakes, and vibrant ecosystems converge to create an awe-inspiring natural tapestry. This journey will lead you deep into the heart of Patagonia, offering encounters with remarkable wildlife, indigenous cultures, and the indomitable spirit of the region’s inhabitants.

From the iconic Torres del Paine National Park in Chile to the legendary Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina, every step of our expedition promises to be a testament to the Earth’s raw, unspoiled beauty. Join us as we traverse this vast and enchanting territory, where adventure and discovery await at the very end of the world. Patagonia calls, and we invite you to answer its irresistible summons on a journey of a lifetime.

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the enchanting Robinson Crusoe Island, where nature’s wonders and captivating history converge in an unspoiled paradise. This carefully curated program invites you to explore the unique landscapes, rich marine life, and the cultural tapestry of one of the most remote and captivating islands in the world.

Immerse yourself in the footsteps of Robinson Crusoe, the legendary castaway who inspired tales of survival and exploration. From pristine beaches to rugged cliffs, the island offers a mesmerizing backdrop for your journey. Delve into the vibrant marine ecosystem, witness endemic flora and fauna, and uncover the island’s fascinating history.

Active Patagonia 2024/2025″ invites you to embark on an exhilarating adventure across the stunning landscapes of Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. This program is designed for those seeking an active and immersive experience in the heart of Patagonia, where every day promises thrilling outdoor activities and breathtaking natural wonders.

From hiking in the Andes to exploring the wild beauty of Patagonian glaciers and relaxing on Uruguay’s picturesque beaches, this journey promises a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation in one of South America’s most awe-inspiring regions. Join us as we discover the active side of Patagonia, where every moment is an opportunity for exploration and adventure.

Welcome to an unforgettable journey through this mysterious land, where Moai statues hold many fascinating stories. Discover the richness of Rapa Nui culture, the wild nature, and the extraordinary atmosphere of this magical island. Are you ready for unforgettable experiences? Easter Island awaits you!


Embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of one of nature’s most awe-inspiring masterpieces—Torres del Paine National Park. Our “Trekking W” program invites you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes, towering peaks, and pristine wilderness that define this iconic Patagonian wonder.

Over the course of this meticulously crafted adventure, you’ll traverse the renowned “W” circuit, exploring glaciers, turquoise lakes, and the iconic granite peaks that give Torres del Paine its unparalleled charm. Each day unfolds a new chapter of discovery, with expert guides leading the way through this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Whether you are an avid trekker or a nature enthusiast, our “Trekking W” program promises an immersive experience that goes beyond conventional travel. Be prepared to witness the raw beauty of Patagonia, forge new connections, and create memories that will last a lifetime.