Georgia and Armenia – the trail of wine and legends

Much has been said and written about Georgia. This country has been very popular among Poles for years. Lovers of mountains, good food, eastern climates, folklore and homely atmosphere travel there. Everyone will definitely find something for themselves in Georgia. Armenia, on the other hand, is an interesting, though still underestimated, tourist destination. It boasts a rich history. The country is littered with ruins of ancient buildings, medieval monasteries and fortresses. The Armenians have learned to perfectly place the buildings that are important to the nation in the most beautiful way. The landscapes there are breathtaking on average every dozen or so kilometers.



Uganda enchanted the young Winston Churchill, who described it as a “fairy tale” and “a wonderful new world”. No wonder, since it offers a close encounter with gorillas, delights with its mountain peaks shrouded in thick fog and a sun-drenched savannah full of wild animals. It is matched by Rwanda which is called “the land of a thousand hills”. It is famous for its pristine terrain, wild nature and excellent conditions for growing coffee.

The Balkans is a region formed by countries that are strongly connected with each other both historically and culturally. The Balkan Peninsula includes: Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Greece, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria and partly Serbia, the southeastern edge of Romania and the European part of Turkey. In the Balkans you will find the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in all of Europe. They delight us with sea, mountains and delicious cuisine. They encompass a huge region that surrounds as many as five seas!

Thailand – a country of exotic and unique experiences. It is a place where millions of travelers come to learn about its rich history, amazing culture, meet the kindest people and enjoy some of the best food in the world. See the most beautiful places in the country from the far north to the high south and experience deep-rooted traditions as you explore Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and the beautiful island of Phuket.