Georgia and Armenia – the trail of wine and legends

Much has been said and written about Georgia. This country has been very popular among Poles for years. Lovers of mountains, good food, eastern climates, folklore and homely atmosphere travel there. Everyone will definitely find something for themselves in Georgia. Armenia, on the other hand, is an interesting, though still underestimated, tourist destination. It boasts a rich history. The country is littered with ruins of ancient buildings, medieval monasteries and fortresses. The Armenians have learned to perfectly place the buildings that are important to the nation in the most beautiful way. The landscapes there are breathtaking on average every dozen or so kilometers.



Embark on an extraordinary journey through the enchanting landscapes of Georgia and Armenia. Our meticulously crafted tourist program, ‘Wine & Legends,’ invites you to discover the rich tapestry of these two captivating nations.

From the lush vineyards that produce world-renowned wines to the ancient legends that have shaped their histories, join us for an immersive experience that transcends time and tantalizes the senses. Let the allure of these destinations unfold before you, promising a harmonious blend of exquisite flavors and timeless tales.